Fort Worth Zoo announces birth of kudu calf

The Fort Worth Zoo in Texas has announced the birth of a female kudu calf who has yet to be named.

The Zoo made the announcement on Twitter with photo of the kudu calf laying in a bed of hay. The kudu calf was born last week.

“She’s spending time with mom as she grows stronger behind the scenes and learns about her surroundings,” the zoo said.

“She spends most of the day lying or sleeping in her bed of hay. We’ll share more updates soon — including a name!” the zoo continued.

The Fort Worth Zoo previously welcomed a kudu calf last year in May. The kudu calf is an African hoofstock species that has one white line down its back with 11 to 14 stripes on its coat.

The pattern on the coat helps kudus stay hidden in the brush. Kudus also have large ears to easily hear nearby predators.

Recently, the Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England, announced the birth of a rare baby dusky pademelon, a species sometimes known as a “miniature kangaroo” or “dusky wallaby.”